We want to express our heartfelt thanks for the beautiful keepsake that you sent us of our wedding ceremony. 
It brought tears to my eyes and we will cherish it always! We can tell how much care you put into creating it. 
Reading the script brought back all the beautiful memories of our special day. 
We will be sure to recommend you to people seeking a gifted Celebrant.
With love and respect,
Anne & Frank

This keepsake (approximate size 8″ X 5″) contains the written details of your own ceremony, including your Modern Day Love Story, Personal Vows, and other customizations you requested for your special day. It’s printed with gold-coloured ink, with its own unique font (seen above). It’s mounted on black stock, fronted with vellum, printed with a picture of your choosing, and brought together with a ribbon tied in a single Windsor Knot, just like a tie!

This absolutely amazing keepsake (size varies with what you choose to include) also contains all the details of your ceremony, except it’s bound with a customized fabric cover, with each page decorated in a junk journal style. So you’ll find various fabrics, layers of handmade paperwork, jewellery, chains, and more. This fantastically and individually created keepsake does take extra time to assemble and each one is priced according to the number of pages and types of pages you request.


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