If you’re looking for a personalized & lighthearted ceremony I’m your guy.

I’d love to co-create & officiate your ceremony. It’ll be personalized and, of course, have the legal bits!

The following list of ceremonies are just a few of what we can co-create together.
Please contact me for my package fees.

Baby Welcoming/Naming Ceremonies

Many new parents no longer have a church affiliation.
The ceremonies we used to do to welcome/name a child are no longer celebrated.
But I do believe that this time-honoured ceremony is still so very special.
I would love to have the opportunity to celebrate this special moment with you.

Adoption Ceremonies

We live in the age of blended families.
I can co-create a ceremony to celebrate this new journey.
We can add this to your wedding ceremony or as a separate ceremony.

Weddings & Vow Renewal Ceremonies**

The Intimate Affair

A simple elopement/pre-destination ceremony.
Designed for you and up to 6 witnesses/guests.

The Classic Affair

Working from our consultation and questionnaires,
we co-create your ceremony with
a section for your love story, and
a section for private vows.
We can add some readings and lots of laughter…
and of course the legal bits too.

The Family Affair

This is The Basic (above) but we can add rituals like
a hand-fasting, family blending, sand pouring, tree planting, gender transition, ring warming,
wine box ritual, oathing stone, liquor exchange, time capsule,
family letter reading, many intentional rituals, and so many others to choose from.

The Grand Affair

Written completely from scratch.

End-of-Life Ceremonies

Traditional Funerals
Traditional Memorials
Celebrations of Life
Pet Memorials
Pre-death Celebration of life

Healing Ceremonies

Have you recently recovered from an illness or traumatic experience?
How about marking the end of that with a victorious ceremony? We can do that.

Transformational Uncoupling Ceremonies

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we’d hoped.
Sometimes we’ve had to let go of our hopes and dreams.
Anyone who knows me knows that,

> I’m an ever-hopeful romantic.
> I’ve always had high hopes and dreams for love, family and career.
> I’ve seen dreams disappear.
And, if we’re being honest, so have you.

I recently based my Master’s program on Conscious Uncoupling, by Author, Katherine Woodward Thomas
I highly recommend it!
She (and I) believe that we must look back to accept our part in relationship endings
in order to move forward. She helps the reader to lovingly see that,

> we all carry with us the complexities
that cause all types of relationship endings.
> an ending is really a new beginning.

I’ve experienced the pain that comes from endings.
I’ve also experienced the value of ritualizing those endings to move into new beginnings.
This is about creating a ceremony to help us to move from then to now.
This is transformational work!

Here are at least 3 types of Transformational Uncoupling Ceremonies:

> Transformational Uncoupling Ceremony for Romantic Relationships
> Transformational Uncoupling Ceremony for Family Relationships
> Transformational Uncoupling Ceremony for Business Relationships

Conscious Uncoupling Creed

*I can co-create a personalized ceremony for any type of Transformational Uncoupling. Please note that I’m not a therapist. If you need to seek therapy or a legal solution, please do so.

If you need a ceremony, we can co-create it together!

Celebrating those significant moments on your Life’s Journey by creating ceremonies done your way.


I also create keepsakes for your special ceremony.
Please go HERE for examples.

**I’ve been writing and officiating ceremonies for over 30 years. I am licensed to officiate legal marriages in British Columbia.

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