A Modern-Day Love Story

This is an example of what YOUR story could look like. It can be as colourful as you like (as long as great grandma’s heart can take it). It will be like we’re all sitting in a theatre watching it for ourselves. (Please note that the names of the couple have been changed).

Two grumpy ol’ ladies and grenade launchers! Yes, that’s right, grenade launchers!!!

This is my favourite part of the ceremony. This is when I get to tell our couple’s love story. It’s the part that makes this ceremony just a bit more personal.

According to Astrology, trust is a unique thing for this couple. We should emphasize that they will trust each other. 

Alice is born under the star sign Aquarius and Janice under the star sign Gemini. 

Aquarius finds falsehood ridiculous, and Gemini will usually feel free enough to speak honestly. 

On the other hand, Aquarius understands one’s need for privacy, for this is a sign where Neptune is exalted. They will both probably have this ultimate trust for their partner and are rarely deceived because of their premise to give and receive freedom as an absolute priority. 

Neither of them has any satisfaction in false narratives when there are so many interesting things to talk about with their weirdo partner (the astrologer’s words, not mine lol), that they’ll share easily without the fear of judgement from the other.

Janice says, “I love that she loves me unconditionally. She sees all my broken pieces and loves each one of them. We are also secure enough to be together without words, without it being awkward.

“I love how I feel when she looks at me or touches me. Alice is beautiful and has an amazing heart. Family is so important to her, and I love that about her.”

Alice says that she loves Janice’s “smarts, her heart, her love of travel, her smile, her obsessions of sharks, dinosaurs, bacon, and all things cheese. Her realness, her sense of humour, and her smile.”

And so what does today mean to these two ladies?

Alice says,

“It means a partner by my side
through life and all adventures.
Someone to laugh with every day.”  

Janice says, 

“She is the one I want to walk beside me through life.
I would give Alice everything within my power and 
sacrifice everything for her.” 

Sure doesn’t sound like two ol’ grumpy ladies to me. Certainly not about a piece of paper that says they’re now married. It sounds like two people who love each other for who they are, real, loyal, accepting, and ‘in it for forever’.

Like many couples these days, Alice and Janice met online. Yet after meeting their share of crazies (I can identify), they were both struck by the love bug from the first time they met.

Alice was nervous as she met Janice at The Well on that first date. And Janice found this absolutely adorable. 

But despite nerves and weariness from meeting a bunch of crazies, they had fun and found conversation easy, almost like they’d known each other for years. And I guess a few beers helped!

But from that first date, Janice says that she knew that Alice “was going to be my forever.”

Alice knew that she wanted to see Janice again, too. It was an instant connection, perhaps we can even use the old cliché, ‘love at first sight.’ Because, really, what is love – true love that is? It’s a connection much deeper than just a casual acquaintance. It’s a choice as well as an emotion. And from that first date, they were already making their choice, whether they realized it or not – they were choosing each other!

Janice says that it was during their first Christmas and New Year’s apart that she knew that she never wanted to do that again. 

The stage was now set for their trip to Mexico. Janice had already made this the moment that she would pop the question. She had already purchased Alice’s ring.

It’s one of those lovely, warm, humid Mexican evenings. The sun was soon to set, and the cool darkness of the evening was soon to be upon them. Janice suggests that they take a long walk off a short pier. Oops, sorry, that’s someone else! 

Let’s try that again. They take a walk out on the pier and Janice falls behind by a few steps. Alice is aghast because she’s sure that Janice has fallen behind to take a picture of her ass!

Alice turns and there she is, not with a camera in hand, but with a ring instead. Janice wished she could have dropped to one knee but says that she says that she’s “getting old and her knees hurt.”

I asked the gals what some of their favourite memories are together. 

Janice says, “My favourite memories are of our travel adventures. Exploring new places and doing crazy things together.”

Alice elaborates. “Shooting grenade launchers (and there it is!) in Vegas, cave snorkelling in Mexico, Broadway shows in New York, tubing the Cowichan River, and numerous camping trips with family and friends.”

And what will become of today? What are their hopes and dreams for the future?

Alice says, “I hope we have lots of adventures together, lots of laughs and love. And that Janice will have to promise to make Alice dinner at least once a month.”

Sounds fair because, as Janice told Alice on one occasion, “Once we are married she inherits all the kids!!”

Janice says, “We want to enjoy life, to find adventure, to laugh and play and smile. As long as we do it together it doesn’t matter what we do or where we go.” …

Today is a Celebration!
A Celebration of love,
of commitment, of friendship, of family
and a celebration of two grumpy ol’ ladies who are in it forever!

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